Toptracer invented range technology and are focused on making it better each and every day. More data fuels more insights. More insights drive more innovation. And more innovation means more games that appeal to more players so they come back and play even more. Through the power of more, Toptracer is helping range operators meet the needs of an evolving golf audience: A modern golf audience. 

Over the past decade, Toptracer technology has completely changed the viewing experience for millions of golf fans who tune into the majors—golf’s greatest spectacles; moments in time when the entire world, not just the golf world, tunes in to see history in the making. That same technology, which was once reserved only for the world’s elite players is accessible to everyone through Toptracer Range. 

Toptracer Attracts New Golfers 

Nearly 80% of range operators are seeing new golfers, who are spending more time and money because of Toptracer technology. 


Toptracer Engages Younger Golfers 

One look through Toptracer’s social feed to see images of kids aged 10- and-under loving their trace on the screen. Screens are attracting younger golfers and we have new kids’ games in the pipeline to make golf more fun for kids. 

 Toptracer Isn’t Just for Great Golfers 

Toptracer Range is helping facilities attract new customers and unearth previously untapped revenue streams. Early adopters are reporting substantial gains that in some cases nearly doubled revenue of non-Toptracer Range bays. 

Whether you’re a commercial range looking to increase revenue or looking for an amenity to enhance your experience Toptracer Range increases effectiveness of each practice session, accelerating repeat visits and the attraction of newer demographics. With increased facility visits, not only is there an increase in revenue through range play, but Toptracer Range offers operators new ways to differentiate and monetize their facility through enhanced events, lessons, and F&B. 

Ready to install Toptracer Range at your facility?

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