The response to Big Bertha ’23 and Big Bertha REVA has been fantastic as I started fitting it when I went to the New Zealand North Island Swing at the end of April through the 5th of May. Whether it’s New Zealand or Australia, Big Bertha ’23 and Big Bertha REVA are easy to hit and launch for those players needing forgiveness and height in their shot making.

The lightness of the product and adjustability make it easy to customise the set make up for players. The availability of high lofted hybrids also provides a solution for those who struggle with irons. The draw bias assists with hitting straighter shots down range and in the air to provide maximum distance as well as accuracy.

Big Bertha REVA has been a game changer for female golfers. The higher lofted fairway woods have given the ladies what they wanted in regard to having a 3 and 5 wood back in the bag plus the higher stated lofts are allowing women to launch these fairway woods maximising carry and total distance.

Big Bertha ’23 has been a success across a large spectrum of male golfers, from the slow swing speed needing help with miss hits to the faster swing speeds who need the draw bias for shot shape correction.

Big Bertha ’23  is providing phenomenal results both in forgiveness and distance.  The iron is proving to be extremely easy to launch, whilst it’s also very common to be at least one club longer.  The driver and fairway woods are providing similar results, with the driver assisting greatly in reducing the dreaded slice!

The Big Bertha REVA has also provided tremendous results.  Easy to launch, Big Bertha REVA is providing women with greater confidence and enjoyment, particularly in hitting fairway woods they previously weren’t able to use.  Players have also been enjoying the lighter weight and the great new looks of the Big Bertha REVA. 

Thank You From Your Fitting Specialist Team at Callaway Golf South Pacific

Mark Wong, Craig Funch, Chris Crooks & Max Guerry